London Treasure Hunts is delighted to announce the launch of Buggy Hunt this summer. This event will be pre-bookable by individuals and groups and is aimed at providing some gentle fresh air and exercise for new mums in a buggy friendly environment. 

Our first route will be based around Wimbledon. The aim of the route is to have fewer questions over a longer period, to allow for participants to feed, change nappies or just sit and enjoy the sunshine if the urge takes them. The entire route is being designed to allow for buggies or slings/carriers and our on-site representative will have a well-stocked bag of baby friendly sun-cream, nappies, wipes and other paraphernalia.

The hunt itself is in the mid-stages of design and we will be updating this page shortly with details of our first events, prices and other interesting titbits. In the meantime, if you'd like to be among the first to try this fantastic new event, then please do contact us via the red phone boxes and we'll keep you informed as the hunt develops.